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Overhead bridge crane routine maintenance

Feb 05, 2018
Overhead bridge crane needs regular maintenance, inspection work, troubleshooting to ensure safe operation. Overhead bridge crane daily maintenance should be in accordance with the "inspection, adjustment, cleaning, fastening, lubrication", maintenance work can be divided into the following areas:
1. Mechanical parts
Check whether running mechanism is normal operation or not, has abnormal sound or not. Ensure the Overhead bridge crane brakes are safe reliable and sensitive, check the bolt tightness, check the wire rope, weld and add grease, lubricating oil.
2. Hydraulic system
Timely add, replace the hydraulic oil, check the tubing, safety valves, hydraulic pumps and hydraulic cylinders usage situation, once found the problem should be promptly processed.
3. Electrical system
Check the wire, the electric cable surface is worn or not, safety switch is sensitive and reliable, grounding protection has done or not.
4. Lubrication
Check the operating mechanism and other parts, regularly add or replace the same type lubrication, if the parts have more dirt, should clean before painting new lubricant.
Single girder overhead crane
single girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane