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Overhead crane operation

Feb 17, 2020
Overhead crane is a lifting machine above the workshop, warehouse and open storage yard, is used to lift various objects. It is the most widely used lifting machinery in the machinery industry, metallurgical industry and chemical industry. The overhead crane should pay attention to the following safety matters:
1. The overhead crane must be in a normal state, especially the safety devices, such as the braking mechanism, sound and light, signals, interlocking devices, etc. must be sensitive and intact;
2. A signal bell should be issued before operate. After starting, it is strictly forbidden to repair, inspect, refuel and wipe the machine parts. If any fault is found during operation, must stop immediately;
3. During the work, should unload testing lift, and then hanging the heavy objects;
4. When the work is completed, the overhead crane should be parked on the parking line and the hook should be raised in place. No heavy objects should be hung on the hook. Put all the controllers and joysticks to the zero position, turnoff the power switch, and lock the cabin door.
5. The all live parts of the overhead crane body should be reliably grounded to avoid accidental electric shock to the operator.
double girder overhead crane