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Overview of wire rope anti-corrosion measures

Jul 01, 2019
Anti-corrosion of steel wire rope: There are two kinds of anti-corrosion measures for oiling and plating.
Oiling: All wire ropes must be oiled. The fiber core is immersed in oil, which requires the grease to protect the fiber core and lubricate the wire rope from the inside. The surface is oiled so that all the steel wire surfaces in the strand are evenly coated with a layer of anti-rust grease. The wire rope for mines with high friction and humidity should be coated with black oil with strong grinding resistance and water resistance; other industry can use strong and rust-resistant red oil and grease, and the oil layer should be thin to keep it clean during operation.
Plating: galvanized, aluminized, coated nylon or plastic. Zinc plating is divided into thin coating and thick coating. The mechanical properties of thick coating are lower than that of smooth steel wire rope, should be used in severe corrosive environment. Aluminized steel wire rope is more resistant to corrosion, wear and heat than galvanized steel wire rope.
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