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Pay attention to the electric overhead crane electrical circ

Aug 12, 2019
The electric overhead crane is suitable for production or maintenance occasions in machinery manufacturing, railway, chemical industry, light industry, etc., especially in the production line with dense equipment, short distance lifting and frequent operation, it can improve production efficiency.
Electrical wiring problem
In general, electrical installation of the electric overhead crane is carried out by the electrical technicians at the crane installation site. The manufacturer only determines the length of the cable, and connects the copper wiring to the cable. The remaining wires can only be cut on site. Due to the constraints of the installation environment, testing methods and installation equipment, the reliability and accuracy of the cable connection are often poor, resulting in poor shock resistance, poor contact and multiple commissioning during installation, which affects the performance of the electric overhead crane, waste installation time, and serious damage to electrical appliances or motors.
In the replacement of crane electrical components, maintenance lines or replacement of cables and wires, professional technicians are required to carry out complicated and cumbersome processes for complex line measurement and repeated installation, and many special tools are required during the installation process.
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