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Polymer composite of electric bridge crane

Mar 08, 2019
The electric bridge crane driving wheels and the trolley reducer operate frequently, multiple stops (especially emergency stop) will cause the torque and vibration of reducer each shaft to increase, which may cause leakage.
After this kind of problem occurs, the traditional methods are mainly repaired by repair welding or brush plating, but both have certain drawbacks: the thermal stress generated by the repair welding high temperature cannot be completely eliminated, and it is easy to bend or break; The plating is limited by the thickness of the coating and is easy to peel off. And, both of the above methods use metal to repair the metal, under the combined action of each force, the wear will appear again.
The newest maintenance methods are based on polymer composite materials, have superior adhesion and excellent compressive strength. Using the polymer material repair, has no influence on the thermal stress of repair welding, and the thickness of repair is not limited. At the same time, the metal material of the product does not have the concession, which can absorb the shock and vibration of the electric brigde crane, avoid the possibility of re-wearing, and greatly extend the electric bridge crane service life, saves the maintenance time and creates more economic value.
Singel girder bridge rane
single girder bridge crane

Double girder bridge crane
double girder bridge crane