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Reasons for welding deformation of electric bridge crane

May 13, 2019
In general, the most important reason of electric bridge crane weld deformation is uneven heat input. The size of the heat input is closely related to the material and structure of the welding; the material and structural factors affect the movement of metal around the heat source, which is affected by both the internal and external binding forces, resulting in stress on the welding material deformation.
Welding deformation mainly includes shrinkage deformation (longitudinal shrinkage and lateral shrinkage), bending deformation, angular deformation, wave deformation and other types, which are reflected in the external structure of the electric bridge crane to show local bulging, bending and distortion.
These problems reasons are: such as the size of weld is not sufficiently accurate; the number of welds does not meet the predetermined standards; there is a large error in the position of the weld and the position of the design; the welding material thermal physical properties are not strong; the construction process is not conducive to achieving the best welding state; the welding parameters are not suitable and so on, each specific link must be carefully grasped can achieve the desired effect.
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