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Safety grounding of the electric eot crane

Jul 29, 2019
a. All the electrical equipment casings, metal conduits, safety lighting, transformers, and low-voltage side ends of the electric eot crane should be grounded; when the trolley rails are not welded to the main beam, should adopt the welding grounding;
b. The grounding wire shall be galvanized flat steel with a section of not less than 150mm2, bare copper wire of 10mm2, and the grounding of the control room and the crane body shall be not less than 40x4mm2 galvanized flat steel, not less than two;
c. The grounding wire should be fixed by electric welding, or the grounding screw (galvanized) on the electric eot crane should be used, the rust should be removed at the joint, and the grounding wire should be painted black;
d. The grounding resistance between any point on the electric eot crane to the neutral point of the power supply shall be not less than 4 Ω;
e. It is strictly forbidden to use the grounding wire as the current carrying zero line;
f. Grounding insulation resistance, when the power supply voltage of the main circuit and the control circuit is greater than 500V, the insulation resistance of the circuit to ground is generally not less than 0.5MΩ, and in the humidity environment shall not be less than 0.25MΩ;
g. The control room floor should be covered with insulating mats.
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