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Safety of electric EOT cranes

May 20, 2019
Most of the use cases of electric eot cranes are high-altitude operations, in the normal use process, the electric eot crane is inconsistent with the environment or engineering requirements, and different standards are also put forward for the safety of electric eot cranes.
First, the configuration of the electric eot cranes must conform to the working environment.
Electric eot cranes can be used in many special workplaces, such as metallurgy, explosion protection, etc., and they have special requirements for various components of cranes and safety devices. General electric eot cranes cannot meet these environment, if no special bridge crane, may cause great danger to personal safety.
Second, the working level of the electric eot cranes must match the type of work.
The working level of electric eot cranes stipulates different load and frequent work. If the light crane is overloaded, it will accelerate the damage of the parts and increase the risk of operation; if the heavy crane is used in the light working environment, will cause waste of costs and resources.
Single girder eot crane
single girder eot crane

Double girder eot crane
double girder eot crane