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Select steel wire rope for crane lifting machinery

Aug 08, 2019
Steel wire rope is an indispensable main component of crane lifting equipment, it is widely used as hoisting rope, variable length rope, traction rope, and hoisting rope. Regardless of the use, if the type is improper, the method of use is unreasonable, and there is a lack of safety inspection, there may be a major accident caused by damage or breakage of the wire rope.
Several methods are recommended for the correct selection of crane lifting equipment wire ropes:
1. For wire ropes that are used to lift molten or hot metal, should use high-temperature resistant steel wire ropes such as asbestos cores.
2. In the open air, humidity, corrosion environments, should use the galvanized steel wire rope.
3. Hoisting equipment wire rope around the pulley and lifting parts reel mechanism, wire contact wire rope should be preferred.
4. For cranes machine with large lifting or multi-winding of steel wire ropes, should use the right-handed wire rope that does not rotate or without loose tendency.
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