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Single Girder Overhead Crane Electrics parts Design

Aug 22, 2017

Single Girder Overhead Crane Electrics parts

* Single girder overhead crane adopt specialized vibration control contactor.
* The control panels are corrosion-resistant, protection class is IP55.
* All the Single girder overhead crane plug sockets are with heavy duty plug heads, reliable sealing and firm inserting
* The overhead crane components in the control box is reasonable, easy to check and maintenance
Single girder overhead crane plug connection parts are protected by insulating plastic casing, very safety.
* All electric cables are coded with numbers, easy to identify and final installation.
* Power supply for Single girder overhead crane long traveling include bus bar (slide wire) with suitable current collector.
* The power supply system for trolley consists of insulated PVC flat cable, galvanized U type steel and small cable trolley to achieve smooth sliding
Single girder overhead cranes are equipped with protection function in case of default phase