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Spring Festival Eve

Jan 25, 2019
Here is coming the Spring Festival Eve, wish you all a happy New Year, good health, auspicious Year of the Pig!
Spring Festival Eve is the last night of the Lunar New Year (December), in Chinese is "Chu Xi". 
"Chu", that is, the meaning of removal; "Xi", refers to the night. "Chu Xi" is a festival of retiring the old and welcoming the new, reunifying, and renewing all things.
The Spring Festival Eve and the Ching Ming Festival, the Zhong Yuan Festival, and the Double Ninth Festival are traditional Chinese ancestor worship festivals. Because it is often on the 29th or 30th of the Lunar New Year, it is also called the 30th of Year. Every household is busy cleaning the house, welcoming the ancestors to go home for the New Year, and enshrining them with rice cakes and meet.
According to "Lv's Spring and Autumn, Jidongji", the ancients used the method of drumming to expel the "Ghosts of the Plague" on the day before the New Year. This is the origin of the "Spring Festival Eve". It is said that the earliest mention of the name "Spring Festival Eve" is the historical books "The Wind and Earth" written by Zhou Chu in the Western Jin Dynasty.
On Spring Festival Eve, people will eat Eve dinner, paste Spring Festival couplets, paste window grilles, paste blessings, paste new year pictures, burn firecrackers, worship ancestors, hang lanterns, lucky money, Eve staying-up, etc.
Spring Festival

Spring Festival