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Steel wire rope force

Mar 06, 2020
During the operation of the steel wire rope, the force of each wire rope is very complicated. Due to the different positions of the steel wires in the rope, even if it is subjected to the simplest tensile force, the force distribution between each wire rope is different. In addition, the rope generates bending stress when it passes around the roll, the pulley, and the compression force between the wire and the wire. So, it generally uses the static calculation method.
The maximum static tension in the steel wire rope should meet the following requirements: Pmax≤Pd / n
In the formula: Pmax——the maximum static stress that the wire rope can bear during operation;
Pd——breaking stress of wire rope;
N——safety factor.
Pmax = (Q + q) / (aη)
In the formula: Q——the rated lifting capacity of the crane;
q——hook weight;
a——the total number of rope branches carried by the pulley block;
η——the total efficiency of the pulley block.
The calculation formula of the maximum allowable working tension of the steel wire rope is: P = Pd / n
In the formula: P——the rated maximum static stress during the operation of the wire rope
P≥Pmax is safe.
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