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Technical standards for electric eot cranes

Nov 23, 2018
In addition to meeting the regulatory specifications and standards for general-purpose electric eot cranes, it is necessary to retrofit the original cranes to meet the following basic technical requirements:
1. It is usually used for lifting special motor, when the ambient temperature exceeds 40 °C, the H-class insulated motor should be used.
2. Equipped with two sets of independent brake double brake;
3. The wire rope electric hoist must be equipped with a weight limiter;
4. It is equipped with double limiters with different types of lifting positions, which are generally combined with heavy hammer type and rotary type, and should control different breaking devices, usually used for the electric eot cranes with a lifting height greater than 20m, and should install a limiter switch;
5. With thyristor stator voltage regulation and eddy current brakes, energy brakes and thyristor power supply, as well as DC unit power supply speed control and other lifting mechanisms that may cause overspeed due to speed regulation and 20t or more for electric eot cranes must have overspeed protection.
single girder eot crane

double girder eot crane