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The electric bridge crane brake problem

Jun 27, 2019
Common problems with electric bridge crane brake are:
1. The main spring of the brake is damaged or adjusted too loose, and the braking torque is insufficient;
2. Excessive wear of the brake shoes reveals the cap nails, resulting in insufficient friction and the brakes cannot hold heavy objects;
3. The brake lever lock nut is loose, the lever is tilted, or the joints of the lever system are stuck, etc., which affect the brake;
4. Brake opening is not normal, too loose or too tight, when the friction occurs thermal expansion, it will not stop the crane and cause an accident.
When the electric bridge crane is working, the operator should carefully check whether the brake parts are working properly, whether it is stuck, whether the brake shoe clearance is suitable, whether the brake surface is good, and whether the adjustment nut is tight;
Lubrication of the brakes should be performed twice a week, but be careful not to apply lubricant to the friction components.
If the brake shoes, brake wheels, bearings, etc. are seriously worn; the main spring and the auxiliary spring are broken or plastically deformed; or the brake electromagnet, electric hydraulic pile rod, etc. are faulty, should be repaired in time to ensure safety.
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