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The electric overhead crane tips

Nov 18, 2019
1. After the work is completed, the main power supply must be cut off;
2. The electric overhead crane must be inspected regularly by special personnel, and the fault should be taken in time and carefully recorded;
3. When adjusting the electric overhead crane brake slippage, ensure that the brake slip amount S ≤ V / 100 (V is the distance of stable lifting in the next minute) under the rated load;
4. Electric overhead crane must maintain sufficient lubricating oil in use and keep the lubricating oil clean and should not contain impurities and dirt;
5. It is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of the parts;
6. If find the fault, the main power supply should be cut off immediately;
7. Special pay attention to the wearing parts during use;
8. After continuous operation for a long time, the electric overhead crane may have an automatic power-off phenomenon. This is an overheat protection function of the motor. The motor will continue to work after it has cooled down.
electric overhead crane