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The flexible monorail suspension crane

Dec 16, 2019
Flexible monorail suspension crane, suitable for linear conveying of materials, suitable for round-trip conveying or circular conveying operations. From simple straight track to multi-branch semi-automatic or fully-automated circular track, different directions of the track can be achieved by using different components such as straight track, curved track, turnout and steering wheel.
The flexible combined suspension crane adopts a modular design. All components are standardized components, which can be combined into a new crane like stacked wood, and reassembled into a new crane according to the modification of the plant or the change of processing technology.
The flexible combined suspension crane is particularly light in weight, the friction between the pulley and the track is small, the operation is light, and it can be easily moved by hand. It is equipped with a chain electric hoist, which has a long working life, is trouble-free and maintenance-free.
flexible monorail suspension crane