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The overhead bridge crane track selection

Mar 11, 2019
If there is a deviation in the selection of the track, it is possible that the overhead bridge crane can still be used, but over time, it will wear of the wheel or the track, or the track appear the plastic deformation, making the entire overhead bridge crane system paralyzed, which may cause serious accident.
1. The overhead bridge crane track generally adopts standard steel and steel rails. Usually, the overhead bridge crane uses p-type railway rails when the wheel pressure is small, when the wheel pressure is large, the QU-type crane special rail is used, and when the square steel is used as the track, it should only be supported on the steel structure.
2. The track selection should fully consider the structural form and wheel pressure of the overhead bridge crane to ensure that the track meets the basic structural and strength requirements.
3. Must use the used, worn, old rails as the overhead bridge crane track.
4. The user should actively consult with relevant technical experts or crane manufacturer to master the accurate information, must decide the track type by yourselves.
Single girder bridge crane
single girder bridge crane

Double girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane