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The standard components of KBK suspension crane

Sep 16, 2019
Q: What are the standard components of the KBK suspension crane?
Answer: KBK suspension crane is composed of components such as suspension device, track, ballast, walking trolley, electric hoist, mobile power supply device (slip line) and control device. All components are standardized mass production, the installation, maintenance and replacement are convenient, it can also be easily disassembled to another work site for reloading. The KBK suspension crane can be directly transported by simply hanging on the roof or beam of the plant, therefore, it is widely used in material conveying or production lines in various industries.
The standard components of KBK suspension crane are:
1. Standard straight line track.
Uses: It can be multi-segmented into a single-track linear transport line, or it can be installed in multiple sections to form two parallel line rails for KBK suspension hoist to make the crane running track, or one standard section or two standard sections can be combined in parallel to form a mian beam for flexible suspension crane.
2. Lifting hoist standard curved track.
Uses: It can be combined with straight track to form a curved or circular monorail conveyor line.
3. Cross-shaped ramp (turntable), V-shaped ramp.
Uses: It is combined with standard track to form a monorail material conveying network to meet various forms of process layout requirements.
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