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The suspension bridge crane track requirement

Apr 29, 2019
The suspension bridge crane is the wheel running on a dedicated track, the crane track is used to support the full weight of the suspension bridge crane to ensure normal and directional operation of the equipment.
When the suspension bridge crane is in operation, due to various reasons, occur axial movement or axial skew, the wheel rim of the running vehicle's cart or trolley contacts the side of the rail, causing horizontal lateral force, causing severe friction, lead to a very strong rim, fast wear and deformation.
The reasons for suspension bridge crane rail wear are very complicated, it may be due to the factors of the track, the wheel and the bridge beam, or it may be influenced by other factors. Therefore, specific problems must be analyzed specifically. Therefore, the following technical conditions should be met for the suspension bridge crane track:
(1) The top surface of the rail can withstand the pressing force of the wheel;
(2) The bottom of the rail has a certain width to reduce the pressure on the foundation;
(3) There should be good anti-wear bending.
Single girder bridge crane
single girder bridge crane

Double girder bridge crane
double girder bridge crane