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Track inspection of electric bridge crane

Aug 22, 2019
The track is the basis for the smooth operation of the electric bridge crane or trolley. As the electric bridge crane generates shocks and vibrations during operation, it may cause looseness of the track, disconnection of the connecting parts, deformation, cracks, and accuracy indicators. These defects affect the normal operation of the crane or trolley, so it is generally required that the track of the crane needs to be inspected 2 to 4 times a year. Through inspection and adjustment, provide the normal operation to crane.
The electric bridge crane track inspection items and contents are as follows:
* Rail
Check whether there are cracks, head subsidence, deformation, side wear, obvious subsidence, deformation and severe wear
* Rail fastening bolt
Check whether the connecting bolts are loose or shedding, timly adjust and replace the new one.
* Connecting plate and pad
Check whether the bolts are loose, fall off or not, the connecting plate and the pad are displaced, defective, fall off or not
* Buffer and block
Check for damage and misalignment, install loose or loose
* Rail joint
Check the rail joint for misalignment and gap change
* Rail welding installation
Check welds for cracks
* Geometric size error
Check gauge, track centerline, rail top height deviation, each deviation should not exceed the standard value
Double girder bridge crane
double girder bridge crane

Single girder bridge crane
single girder bridge crane