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Underhung overhead crane long-term storage

Nov 30, 2017
When the Underhung overhead crane is out of service for long-term storage, in order to prevent corrosion or reduce the life of mechanical parts, need to do a good job of maintenance and management.
On the one hand, Underhung overhead crane need conduct a comprehensive and thorough cleaning, repair damaged parts, to maintain normal operation. On the other hand, Underhung overhead crane should be neatly parked in a moisture-proof room. The ground should be smooth and covered with wooden boards, covered with a cover cloth, keep each machine free to go in and out.
It is best to set the mechanical fuel lever at idle position, each lever set in the neutral position. Moreover, the engine, the battery storage is also very important. The engine needs to be filled with diesel and preservatives to prevent the fuel tank rusting. When Underhung overhead crane is out of service, the engine must be started once a month to make all parts produce a new oil film to prevent mechanical rusting. Remove the battery, clean up, store in a dry place, if it is lead-acid batteries, need to be charged once a month.
There are two ways to deal with and prevent rust:
One is, before store, check the Underhung overhead crane surface, if find the local anti-rust paint fall off, should paint repair, if a large area off, need to re-paint the whole crane machine. The second is, can be coated with butter.
In addition to the above, it should also pay attention to its maintenance climatic conditions and safety management. Underhung overhead crane is better not to place in complex and changeable place, the weather will affect its performance, can place in a fixed space, and should strengthen safety management, to ensure product safety and durability, it is better for better future use.
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