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Welding deformation of electric bridge crane

Oct 28, 2019
Electric bridge cranes are lifting equipment that handles the materials in the workshop, warehouse and stockyard. Because its two ends are located on tall concrete columns or metal brackets, the shape is like a bridge, so be called bridge crane or overhead crane, eot crane. The electric bridge cranes are widely used in engineering and production, but many problems occur during use.
Since the cross-sectional shape of the electric bridge crane is a typical box-shaped beam structure, the structure is complicated, and many weld seam, and the welding stress and deformation are large. In general, the most important reason of weld deformation of the electric bridge crane is due to uneven heat input. The size of the heat input is closely related to the material and structure of the welding. The material and structural factors affect the movement of the metal around the heat source, so that it receives both the internal binding force and the external binding force, resulting in the welding material stress deformation.
The most important thing to control the welding deformation is to fully understand the reason of the deformation, and to take the most appropriate measures according to the specific situation, to reduce the degree of welding deformation to the minimum, so that the structure is correctly and reasonably used, better improve the performance of electric bridge cranes and guarantee better construction.
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