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Which Lifting Crane need to install safety monitoring system

Nov 01, 2016

To ensure the safety of crane production, large working capacity cranes will be forced to install safety monitoring management system, the followings are the crane equipment which are forced to installed.

1. More than 200 ton general overhead traveling crane
50t-75 ton overhead crane for lifting molten metal
2. More than 100 ton universal gantry crane
3. All Shipbuilding gantry crane
4. All Bridge building crane machine
5. More tan 315 ton · m ordinary tower crane
More than 1000 ton · m power station tower crane
6. More than 100 ton rubber tire gantry crane
More than 200 ton crawler crane machine
7. Above 60 ton portal crane
8. All Cable lifting crane
9. More than 100t mast crane

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