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Workshop bridge crane transmission mechanism

Jan 24, 2018
In the modern workshop bridge crane body, mainly use the helical teeth and spur teeth gear transmission.
In most cases, all gear transmissions are closed type reducer, only the low speed gearing transmission can be being open type, mainly for medium-weight and large-weight workshop bridge cranes.
The quality of the work of the gearing and the dimensions and weight of the reducer are largely determined by the distribution of the total gear ratio and the choice of materials and main parameters of the gearing. 
In the design of workshop bridge crane reducer, must allocate the total transmission rationally, select the most reasonable gear material and combine with the corresponding manufacturing process, and select the most reasonable transmission parameters, because that largely determine the reducer dimensions, weight, working quality.
The two-stage and three-stage gear reducers used in workshop bridge cranes are usually three or four axes, this structure can get a large enough total axial distance, then the output shaft's and input shaft's end can be on the same side. This is especially important in hoisting gear.
single girder bridge crane

double girder bridge crane