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Double Girder Overhead Crane is widely used in outdoor warehouse stock yard railway freight station harbor and more high space utilization large range of operation wide application and strong commonality.
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Double Girder Overhead Crane Application

Double Girder Overhead Crane is widely used in outdoor warehouse, stock yard, railway freight station, harbor and more, high space utilization, large range of operation, wide application and strong commonality.

* Lifting capacity: 5-900 tons
* Span: 7-40 meters
* Lifting height: 3-40 meters
* Working temperature: -25 to 40 oC
* Power source: 3ph, 380V, 50Hz or other under customer's requirement
* Working duty: A5-A8
* Double Girder Overhead Crane Control model: Ground control, cabin room, remote control

Double Girder Overhead Crane Feature

1. The box shape beam is welded with well chosen steel and processed by advanced technology, high intensity, high vertical and horizontal rigidity, toughness and long service life, and the cantilevers can be added for wider work range
2. All cranes must be pre-assembled and tested before leaving factory and offer the certification of test
3. The trolley is comprised of motors for lifting and traveling, brake, reducer, coiling block and electric power transmission device
4. Electric parts adopt Schneider and Siemens to ensure accurate operation, excellent performance, convenient maintenance
5. Reducer and motor is famous brand, large overload capacity, high machinery intensity, well with frequent start, brake and reversion, low noise, or according the customer's needs
6. Primer and paint finish, average thickness: about 100 microns
Lifting tools can be chosen to meet your demand for hoisting different materials, such as grab, hook, electromagnetic chuck, billet clamp and container holder

Double Girder Overhead Crane Safety Protection

1. Overload protection
2. Emergency stop switch
3. Hooks with latch
4. Main lifting motor with thermal protection
5. Crane switch and travel and end switch
6. Rubber buffers
7. Protective earthing
8. Weather enclosure

Lifting capacity (t) 5-50/10 75-100/20 125/32-250/50 300/40-350/75 400-450/80
Span (m) 10.5-31.5 13.5-31.5 13-31 17-22 21 20.8
Crane travel mechanism Speed (m/min) A5 17.7-91.9
A6 17.7-93.7
Hoist Lift & travel mechanism Lifting speed (m/min) Main hook A5 3.9-11.3 0.84-4.4
A6 4.9-15.6
Aux hook 4.78-15.6
Max. Lifting height (m) Main hook 12 16 20 22 24 25 28 30 32
Aux hook 14 16 18 22 26 30 32 33 40
Traveling speed (m/min) 5-44.6
Working duty A5 A6 A7 A8
Power supply 380V 50HZ 3phase or as your required

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