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Pre-sales technical support
1. Analyze the needs of users, establish technical team to make suitable technical solution, large or difficult projects, we can survey and design on site.
2. According to technical solutions, communicate with customers, answering questions, giving suggestion
3. Sign a complete technical contracts, product drawings, confirmed by the customer
1. In accordance with technical documents and drawings, technical personnel and production departments give specific production procedure to determine production schedule
2. Production department arrange production in accordance with the production schedule
3. The quality inspection departments will test each produce parts, confirm them qualified
4. Assembly department will do component assembly
5. Painting, two layer primer and two layer finish coat, customer can choose the color, layers, painting brand, painting type, etc.
6. Test machine, confirm them qualified, quality inspection department issues qualified certificate.
We guarantee to delivery timely and promptly, goods in good condition during transport.
Installation and test machine
1. Provide appropriate technical installation document, users should install according to the technical document. If customers need, or large project, or difficult project, we will arrange technical team to guide installation to work site.
2. The technical group will train the users to install, maintenance and repair, etc.
3. On-site test machine
Warranty and Technical Support
1. 12 months warranty after customers receive goods
2. Chat tools 24 hours online, technical personnel help you solve the problem in a timely manner
3. If our production problem, we will freely repair or replace
4. We provide preferential equipment parts long-term