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August 16th meeting about single girder overhead crane

Oct 26, 2017

August 16th, Jinrui crane had a meeting about the single girder overhead crane. At the meeting, the technical staff talked about the overhead crane components, production processes, working condition, safety operation, how to choose the suitable crane, the detailed specification, and our after sale service.

Single girder overhead crane, also can be named bridge crane, because the overhead crane is laid across the workshops, warehouses and material conduct field, just like a bridge was laid across a river. According to operation method and structure, it can be divided into LDA Single Girder Overhead Crane, Single Girder Hanging Overhead Crane, Single Girder Low Headroom Overhead Crane, Manual Single Girder Overhead CraneEuropean Single Girder Overhead Crane.


It is consist of main beam, end beam, hoist,  trolly, traveling wheels, motor, electric parts. and the electric parts is wearing parts, should pay attention to check and maintain them.


Working condition: -25 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, prohibit to use in flammable, explosive, corrosive environments.

Other item, please check our website, we will upload or write them.


single girder overhead crane


single girder overhead crane