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Overhead bridge crane maintenance points

Oct 24, 2017
Overhead bridge crane is a dedicated lifting equipment to lifting materials, can be horizontal and vertical traveling and vertical lifting, transport the material to the specified location. In order to ensure the normal use of overhead bridge cranes, improve safety factor and extend the overhead bridge crane service life, should regularly maintain the overhead bridge crane
The daily maintenance important points is: lubrication, fastening, cleaning, anticorrosion and adjustment.
Lubrication: regularly inspect of the overhead bridge crane bearings, motors, etc., in time to add the same type of lubricants.
Fastening: check the overhead bridge crane operating mechanism and the main force screws, etc., if find the loose, should tighten in time.
Cleaning: cleaning the dust, oil stains on the overhead brideg crane at any time.
Anticorrosion: paint or coat with greas on the overhead bridge crane body, wire rope surface, etc., isolated dust, chemical substances and air vapor.
Adjustment: adjust the overhead bridge crane main beam, track and other institutions to the original technical specifications.
overhead bridge crane
overhead bridge crane