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LH double girder bridge crane for sale

Dec 21, 2018
LH electric hoist double girder bridge crane adopts electric hoist as lifting mechanism, which has simple structure, good safety performance, convenient maintenance and effective lifting height, is suitable for machinery manufacturing, molding, mold processing, steel, stone and other places.
Product Features
LH double girder bridge crane is electric hoist bridge crane, electric hoist is used as hoisting mechanism, the bridge adopts semi-biased box beam, the cable is conductive, and the main beam and end beam are detachable with bolted joints. LH double girder bridge crane has light weight, small size, simple structure, good grouping, and economical and practical, easy to install, use, repair and transport, applicable to the maintenance, assembly and loading and unloading of mechanical workshops, warehouses, material yards and hydropower stations in light and intermediate systems. LH double girder bridge crane is a new type of bridge crane with small size, low wheel pressure and low price.
double girder bridge crane