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Overhead crane lifting rule

Jan 06, 2017
1. When the Overhead crane hook has been hung but has not been lifted, prohibit the overhead crane move or for rotate motion.
2. Prohibit hang object which was buried underground or condensation on the ground or the weight is unknown.
3. Overhead crane lifting AND rotation speed should be uniform and stable, to avoid heavy objects swing in the air and lead to dangerous.
4. When lay down heavy objects, the speed should not be too fast to prevent heavy objects falling suddenly and being damaged.
5. When use Overhead crane to lift long, large heavy objects, there should be someone pull rope, to prevent the object swing, resulting in accidents.
6. If need two Overhead cranes to lift a object at the same time, there must be a unified command, two Overhead cranes should maintain the same speed, the object weight shall not exceed 75% total rated weight of two machines; Binding slings Should pay attention to the weight distribution, each machine can not share more than 80% rated weight.

Single girder overhead crane

Double girder overhead crane