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Material lifting equipment inspection cycle

Jan 17, 2018
Material lifting equipment refers to a certain space, can be vertical, horizontal transport the heavy objects, through the Material lifting equipment, can greatly reduce the human labor intensity, improve work efficiency, shorten the construction time. 
Because of the job site and operating characteristics, the operation process will accompany a certain safety risk, so must be in accordance with the provisions of safety technical standard and do a good job of routine maintenance work to ensure that the Material lifting equipment can work properly.
1. The normally work Material lifting equipment ahouls inspect and maintain every two years;
2. After overhaul, newly installed and modify,  the Material lifting equipment should be inspected before delivery;
3. The Material lifting equipment which is idle for more than a year should be inspected before re-use;
4. After the storm, earthquakes and major accidents, should inspect the Material lifting equipment, because that may damage the strength, stiffness, stability of components.
Heavy workload, poor environment, the Material lifting equipment regular inspection cycle shall not be less than once a month.

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