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Bridge Crane Manufacturer Lifting Points Selection

Oct 08, 2016
1. When lifting machinery equipment, components, the bridge crane lifting point position should be the original design lifting lug or lifting rings.
2. When overhead crane lifting equipment or objects has no lifting lug or lifting rings, can tie at both ends four points directly with sling, then according to the device shape, through appropriate adjustments to select lifting point, so that lifting point and gravity center is in the same vertical line.
3. When lifting long flat objects, the two lifting points should be at both ends and the same distance from the gravity center, the hanging force line should be through the gravity center. Vertical hanging objects, the lifting point should be in the upper of the gravity center.
4. When lifting a square object, should use four hanging slings hitch hanging goods ten lift, and make sure the the four point is same distance form  gravity center.