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QD double girder bridge crane for sale

Dec 07, 2018
The QD double girder bridge crane adopts the electric drum as the hoisting mechanism, large load capacity, high frequency of use and durability, can equip the hook to suitable for machining, factory production lines, steel plants, substations, water plants, metal structure workshops, lifting work in metallurgy and foundry workshops and various types of warehouses; and equip the grab buckets to suitable for the handling of bulk materials in the indoor or outdoor fixed spans of metallurgical, cement, chemical and other industrial sectors.
Working level: A5 (used for less frequent work, such as general machining and assembly workshop), A6 (for frequent work, such as auxiliary lifting in metallurgy and foundry)
Rated lifting capacity: 5t, 10t, 16/3.2t, 20/5t, 32/5t, 50/10t, (the molecular is the weight of main hook, and the denominator is the weight of the secondary hook)
Span: 10.5m ~ 31.5m, the span of double girder bridge crane can be customized.
double girder bridge crane