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Electric Suspension Overhead Bridge Crane for Workshop

Dec 29, 2017
The electric overhead bridge crane is applicable to the fixed span at indoors or outdoors of steel mill, shipyard, port, yard and storage, has slewing carrier-beam, the carrier-beam is cross structure, reliable and has good safety features, and has a certain function of preventing swinging.
The electric overhead bridge crane can bring special lifting appliances, such as magnetic chuck and tongs.

Electric overhead bridge crane Notes

1. The modes of entering cabin: from the end, the side and the top.
2. The lifting weight includes dead weight of the carrier-beam and special lifting appliances.
3. The max rotating angle of carrier-beam is +180o.
4. All below-mentioned data is for being used indoors.
5. The total power of the crane in the parameter list is the power of the traveling crane, but excludes the power of special lifting appliances.
electric overhead bridge crane
electric overhead bridge crane