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Single & Double Girder Overhead Crane Detail

May 26, 2017
Single & Double Girder Overhead Crane Component Detail
1. Long travel mechanism and main electric parts are installed inside the girder

2. Air-condition and rock wool are employed to protect these devices from heat radiation
3. Along the bottom of the girder is installed thermal-protective coating
4. The main lifting tool adopts constant-distance connecting traverse to convey steel ladle
5. The auxiliary hook is able to cooperate with main lifting tool to pour molten metal
6. Protection level of the motor achieves IP54 and isolation grade of electric parts achieves F
7. The main girder mainly consists of box-shape girder, platform, and trolley rails for cross travel
8. Made of well-chosen steel plate and processed by shot-blasting technology, intensity and toughness of the main girder are reliable
9. The end carriage is welded with the main girder and travels on the rails laid on the bearing beam
10. The trolley mainly consists of lifting mechanism, cross travel mechanism, and trolley frame, including motors, reducer, brake, drum, lifting tools, wheels