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Can the overhead traveling crane hook be welded to repair?

Aug 03, 2018
The overhead traveling cranes hooks cannot be welded to repair. This is because the hooks are difficult to meet the original quality standards after repair welding, the stress concentration during the welding process cannot be completely eliminated, and may occur cracks. Therefore, it is forbidden to repair the hooks with repair welding.
When the degree of wear of the overhead traveling cranes hook reaches 10% of the original specification, it should be scrap, replace a new hook. 
When the hook reaches the following scrapping standards, it should be scrapped:
1. The hook distortion is greater than 10°;
2. The degree of hook wear is greater than the original 10%;
3. The hook indicates crack;
4. The neck OR dangerous section of the hook occur plastic deformation;
5. The opening degree of the hook is greater than 15% of the original specification.
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