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Cleaning of traveling overhead crane

Aug 07, 2018
In order to ensure the normal operation of the traveling overhead crane and to extend the service life, one of the important contents of crane maintenance is cleaning, clear oil, rust and so on. Good cleaning and maintenance can protect the traveling overhead crane metal from corrosion and the running mechanism can operate normally.
There are issues to be aware of when cleaning the traveling overhead crane:
1. If the parts to be cleaned are not assembled immediately, should be coated with grease and wrapped with clean cloth to prevent dust from falling.
2. When cleaning fine parts, it should be cleaned with clean cloth, foam and soft scraper, forbidden to use coarser tools, such as abrasive cloth to clean.
3. If need to clean with heat the grease or flammable solvent, should take fire prevention measures and maintain good ventilation on site.
4. During the cleaning process, the organic solvent cannot drop on the surface of the traveling overhead crane.
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