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Double beam eot crane pulley unit maintenance

Jan 08, 2019
Double beam eot crane pulley unit maintenance
(1) The pulley block of double beam eot crane should be cleaned and repaired at regular intervals, check the cracks. The pulley shaft must not have cracks. The journal should not wear the original diameter of 30%, and the conical degree should not exceed 5%. If it exceeds this value, should be replaced;
(2) After the overhaul of double beam eot crane, the shaft hole is allowed to have a defect of not more than 0.25CM2, and the depth should not exceed 4mm;
(3) Inspect and repair the pulley groove, check the groove shape of the pulley with the sample plate, the radial wear should not exceed 30% of wall thickness, otherwise should be scrapped. 
If the standard is not exceeded, can be repaired. After the overhaul, the bottom and side clearances shall not exceed 0.5 mm. The deviation between the center line of wheel groove and center line of the pulley shall not exceed 0.2 mm. The deviation should not be greater than 1mm;
(4) After assembling the pulley block, it should be able to rotate flexibly by hand. The lateral swing should not exceed D/1000, and D is the diameter of the pulley.
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