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Single beam overhead crane electrical safe operation

Jan 04, 2019
In order to ensure reliable and safe operation of single beam overhead cranes, maintenance and operation of electrical equipment should formulate an electrical equipment maintenance system that complies with the provisions of GB6067-85, and be familiar with the causes of various faults of the equipment and the methods for eliminating the faults. The maintenance of major electrical equipment is described as follows:
1. In order to extend the service life of the single beam overhead crane electrical equipment, the electrical equipment should be kept clean, such as the contactor and the control box, should be clean to prevent leakage and short circuit.
2. When using the hanging cable as electricity power supply, the rust and dirt on the trolley rail should be cleaned at any time to keep the traction pulley running normally.
3. After the work is completed, the single beam overhead crane should be parked back, and the operation button switch should be hung in the designated position. 
Pay attention, when hanging the operation button switch, how it hang before taking it off, and how to hang it when put back, and should prevent rain flow into the button switch.
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