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Overhead bridge crane on-site installation

Aug 14, 2018
The overhead bridge crane on-site construction personnel should wear safety helmets, and all high-altitude workers must wear seat belts correctly;
Lifting ladders and lifting platforms should be secure;
The installation tool and machine should be placed in a stable and reliable place to prevent falling from damaging the person or equipment;
Electricians, welders, and slingers shall be certified to work and comply with the safe operating procedures;
The overhead bridge crane load test should be set up a safety precaution zone with obvious signs, and unrelated personnel shall leave the test site;
The work area should has obvious signs, set up warning line, warning signs, and should have special personnel to guard;
If the operation is interrupted during the lifting process, musttake measures for handling, must not left the components floating for a long time;
Lifting work is prohibited when the wind is greater than 6 levels. 
single girder overhead crane
double girder overhead crane