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Advantages of European electric overhead cranes

Aug 10, 2018
European electric overhead cranes are a newly formed concept in the industry in recent years to distinguish between traditional LD series electric overhead cranes. The advantages of European electric overhead cranes mainly include the following:
1. Low headroom, can effectively increase the working range and reduce the height requirement of the crane factory;
2. Lighter weight, lower plant load requirements;
3. The whole mechanism is smaller and the equipment precision is higher;
4. Using forged wheels, machined boring ensure the assembly accuracy and can extend service life;
5. The reducer adopts hardened surface reducer, extend the service life of the whole machine;
6. High-strength bolts are used to assemble the main and end beam to improve assembly accuracy and facilitate transportation.
7. The reducer is a hard-toothed three-in-one geared motor, makes the structure of the whole machine more compact and runs more smoothly.
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