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Proper use of wire rope

Jan 21, 2019
The main points of proper use of wire rope are as follows:
The wire ropes should be arranged neatly in order on the reel.
When the wire rope is wound up, stop using it, repair and adjust.
When the load is tolerated by a plurality of steel wire ropes, a device for equalizing the force of each wire rope shall be provided.
Do not use braided wire ropes. When using other methods to lengthen the wire rope, it must be ensured that the joint strength is not less than 90% of the breaking force of the wire rope.
For cranes with a high lifting height, shall not use steel ropes with a rotating and loose tendency. 
There should be devices or measures to prevent the rotation of the wire rope and the spreader, to prevent accidents.
When the hook is at the lowest point of the working position, the winding of wire rope on the reel must be no less than two turns in addition to the number of tails of the fixed rope.
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