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Special bridge crane design

Jan 18, 2019
Special bridge cranes can participate in specific process operations during steel production, the basic structure is similar to ordinary bridge cranes, but equip with special working mechanisms or devices on the lifting trolleys. The working characteristics of special bridge cranes are frequent use, poor conditions and high working level. There are mainly five types:
Casting bridge crane: used for pouring molten iron into the mixed iron furnace, steelmaking furnace and continuous ingot equipment or steel ingot mold. The main trolley lifts the barrel, and the auxiliary trolley carries out auxiliary work such as flipping the barrel.
Clamp bridge crane: Use a clamp to lift a high temperature steel ingot vertically into the deep pit soaking furnace, or take it out and put it on the ingot cart.
De-spinning bridge crane: used to forcibly remove steel ingots from steel ingot molds. There are special de-spinning devices on the trolley, such as major tongs, small tongs, and the working method depends on the shape of the ingot mold.
Feeding bridge crane: used to add the furnace burden. The lower end of the main trolley has a pick rod for picking up the bin and feeding it into the furnace. The main column can be rotated around the vertical axis, and the rod can be swung up and down. The auxiliary trolley is used for auxiliary work such as repairing the furnace.
Forged bridge cranes: Used with hydraulic presses to forge large workpieces. A special hopper is suspended on the main trolley hook to support and flip the workpiece; the auxiliary trolley is used to lift the workpiece.

casting bridge crane

forged bridge cranes